Non-healthcare costs of hepatitis C: a systematic review

Natàlia Pascual-Argente, Jaume Puig-Junoy  & Anna Llagostera-Punzano

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Introduction: There is an increasing interest in the indirect (or non-healthcare) costs of hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Areas covered: Systematic review of original studies on the non-healthcare costs of HCV published in English or Spanish between January 2000 and March 2017. 19 studies addressing non-healthcare cost of HCV were included in the analysis. All studies but one contain treatments with monotherapy or dual therapy prior to the recent introduction of innovative and highly effective direct acting antivirals (DAAs). Five studies estimate the incremental non-healthcare cost of HCV with a control group, which is regarded as high-quality methodology. The incremental annual non-healthcare costs of HCV in untreated patients compared with non-HCV patients are €4,209 in the US, and taking data from 5 European countries costs range from €280 in the UK to €659 in France.

Expert commentary: Available studies may be underestimating the true burden of non-healthcare costs for HCV as they are all partial studies, mainly including absenteeism and premature mortality estimates. Moreover, there is a need for studies addressing non-healthcare costs of HCV in settings where new treatments with DAAs have been implemented, as they are probably changing the current and future burden of the disease.



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